Wax-type gas meter J1.6CII

BK pulse meter G10

Executing Standard

The products execute GB/T 6968-1997 diaphragm gas meter Grade B standard and JJG 577-2005 diaphragm gas meter standard and OIML R31-1995 diaphragm gas meter international standard,main technical index listed below is the actual inspection standard for meters to leave the factory.

Item Unit Parameter
Nominal flow-rate(Qn) m³/h 1.6
Maximum flow-rate(Qmax) m³/h 2.5
Minimum flow-rate(Qmin) m³/h 0.016
Working pressure range kPa 0.5-50
Working environment temperature -10-40
Average value of total pressure loss Pa ≤200
Permissble error Qmin ≤Q0.1Qmax % ±3
0.1Qmax≤Q≤Qmax % ±1.5
Max cumulative reading figures 9999
Weight kg 1.8
Meter fittings joint threading   M30×2
Meter fittings central distance mm 130
endurance h 5000

A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm E(mm) M(mm) 重量(kg)
130 201 224.5 160 6 7.5 G2″ 1.8
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