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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

general manager


the company is in the center of Luohu district

Shenzhen Ya Wei Hua Industrial Co., Ltd

  Shenzhen Ya Wei Hua Industrial Co., Ltd is a company focused on developing and operating Natural Gas(abbr. NG) products & services.    Founded in 1995, motivated by the spirit of High quality, Excellent service, Good credibility, We have been offering excellent instruments and top services to professional NG companies in China as well as various home users,  through which we gained a high reputation in NG industry field.

  With the aim of expanding China’s eco-friendly auto industry,  we took the lead in operating imports like LPG auto converters, CNG dispensers to satisfy the demand of LPG dispenser, LNG bump & total unit use in cities of Changchun, Yantai, Weihai, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc. In order to develop & enlarge NG utilization,  We have been assisting local governments & enterprises in the construction of LPG, LNG, CNG refueling stations and residential gas pipeline network.    We established as many as 100 stations for industrial use. Famous clients such as Shenzhen airport LPG station, Hainan airport LPG station, Xi’an airport station, Shenzhen Dameisha holiday city station, Shenzhen golf club station, Hongkong Jiadun food factory station, Taiwan Wangwan food company station, etc.

  At present, CNG industry develops rapidly in Mainland China. Tens of thousands of CNG filling stations & suppliers were constructed in northwest China’s Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi;  Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning in northeast;  Hebei, Henan, Shandong in northern area;  Sichuan in southwest, etc.  In 2006, LNG from Australia will land in Guangdong, CNG in costal cities of southeast would grow fast too.
  Guided by China’s West-East Gas Pipeline Project in the beginning of new era, NG industry progresses swiftly, We continue serving you positively by fetching in & exploring complete sets of applications; producing & operating CNG regulators, tanks and compressors made in China. Meanwhile, we will import CNG equipments and technology from abroad like Europe, in order to make our own contribution to the development of China’s NG industry.

Our charity activities

As  Zhu Lihua ,the chairman of the board  championed ,our company donated Hope Project (company educational charities)
Our company donate one Hope project school and one classroom building for Qianyuan region Jian city Jiangxi province.We try our best to make a contribution for China educational career. Follow pictures are general manager Deng Nanlin take part in "Lihua hope school"ceremony:


general manager Deng Nanlin take pictures with teachers and student delegates on On December 23, 2009

General manager Deng Nanlin take part in school celebration activities
General manager Deng Nanlin donation ceremony for school
Government leading cadre present a flag for company
Local council senior officer inaugurate for school with DengNanlin
General manager Deng Nanlin give a speech at the ceremony

The Company’s brief information:

The Company Name: Shenzhen Yaweihua Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Jingyuan building 19C, 88 Songyuan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen,China

Postal Code: 518001
Contact: Deng manager

Tel :86-0755-25887166
Fax: 86-0755-25887232


The company's Web site:  China Gas Equipment Net  China's natural gas nets  China Gas Equipment Network (English)  China's alarm nets  China Gas Talent Net


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