Wax-type gas meter G1

BK pulse meter G10

G series gas meters are suitable for measuring flow-rate of? natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas etc.


Small size, high accuracy, high reliability, high sensitivity, extra-long service life, high pressure-tight,low temperature-resistance and condensation-resistance etc. STRUCTURE: Gas meters of this series belong to diaphragm structure,the gas meter consists of upper casing, measuring unit and index.

Exection Standard

The products execute GB/T 6968-1997 diaphragm gas meter Grade B standard and JJG 577-2005 diaphragm gas meter standard and OIML R31-1995 diaphragm gas meter international standard,products’ durability executes Europe standard EN1359:1998,main technical index listed below is the actual inspection standard for meters to leave the factory.


JCII type series gas meter is suitable for measuring flow-rate of town gas,natural gas,marsh gas,liquefied gas and air etc. FEATURES:

1.Accurate measurement and high sensitivity.

2.The play-ground-shaped diaphragm adopts special rubber material,its durability reaches 5000hours.

3.The Max. working pressure reaches 50kPa,this increases the leak tightness reliability of the gas meter.

4.Adopting a series of new manufacturing technology such as automatic glue applying technology,friction welding technology and rolling seal technology etc.

5.As the special surface treatment technology is adopted,it has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Item Unit Parameter
Nominal flow-rate(Qn) m³/h 1.0
Maximum flow-rate(Qmax) m³/h 1.6
Minimum flow-rate(Qmin) m³/h 0.016

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