YF Series Gas-liquid Separator


2 Application
YF gas-liquid separator is used to separate the liquids and partial solids in gas. It is simple in structure and easy in operation; it was mainly divided into two parts: filtration aggregation core and coalesce. It is used mainly to remove the very tiny liquid drops or to protect the liquid-free precise instruments and it is also used in the situation where there are too much impurities from the gas source and high requirement for filtering. It is applicable for natural gas, artificial coal gas and liquefied petroleum gas as well as other non-corrosive gas.


2 Main Technical Parameters
Nominal Pressure PN (MPa): 1.6锝10
Nominal Diameter DN (mm):20锝600
Working Temperature(鈩):-20锝60
Filter Precision(渭m): 1锝30
Initial Pressure Difference (MPa): 锛0.13
Replacing Pressure Difference (MPa):0.1
Filter Efficiency: Solid 99.98%
Liquid 99.5%

2 Features
1. It accords with the requirement of GB150-1998 鈥淪teel pressure vessels鈥漚nd 鈥淪upervision regulation on safety technology for pressure vessel鈥;
2. PCHG filtration aggregation core makes the filter precision no lower than 5渭m; It also has features such as little pressure loss, compact structure and convenient installation.
3. It can be designed according to different requirements of the customers.

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