RF/RAF Series Gas Safety Bleeding Valve


2 Application
RF series gas safety bleeding valve is applied to gas transmission and distribution system. It will partially discharge to avoid the frequently startup of the shut-off valve because of the elevated back-pressure for non-malfunction problem (downstream valve close fast or temperature change etc.) and to assure nonstop gas supply.

RF Series Gas Safety Bleeding Valve RAF Series Gas Safety Bleeding Valve  

2 Main Technical Parameters
Working pressure rank: RF 0.001锝0.02MPa
RFH 0.02锝0.6MPa
Working temperature: -20锝60鈩
Caliber: DN25, DN50

2 Features
鈽 Bleeding pressure set easily
鈽 Tight re-seating close
鈽 Simple structure and reliable performance

2 Attended mode
RF25: Inlet/outlet screwing G1鈥欌
RFH25: Inlet/outlet screwing G1鈥欌
RF50: Inlet/outlet flange DN50
RFH50: Inlet/outlet flange DN50

2 Features
鈽 Pilot valve with monitor and automatic safety bleeding valve installed in one body
鈽 Keen operation, fast response and high discharge precision
鈽 Back-pressure discharge, long-life cycle and reliable operation
鈽 High re-seating precision, tight close and isometric discharge
Applicable media: Natural gas, artificial coal gas, and the liquefied petroleum gas etc.
Typical occasion: City gate, district regulation station as well as industry and commerce users.
2 Main Technical Parameters
Set pressure(Ps)锛1-5kPa, 5-15kPa 15-30kPa, 0.03-0.2MPa, 0.2-0.4MPa, 0.4-0.8MPa, 0.8-1.6MPa, 1.6-2.5MPa, 2.5-4.0MPa, 4.0-6.4MPa
Discharge Pressure(Pf): 鈮1.04Ps
Re-seating Pressure(Ph): 鈮0.9Ps
Back Pressure: 鈮0.5Ps
Height: 1/4do (do: diameter)
Rated Discharge Coefficient (Kdr): 0.8
Working Temperature:-20鈩冿綖60鈩
Nominal Pressure: PN0.4, PN0.8, PN1.6, PN2.5, PN4.0, PN6.4
Nominal Diameter: DN25, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150

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