LTD50 series gas pressure regulator


2 Introduction:
LTD50 series gas pressure regulatorThe LTD50 regulator is a direct acting pressure regulator. Suitable for high, medium voltage distribution system. Equipped with super high and low pressure safety protection device. Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, on-line fast reaction speed, outlet pressure regulation scope.

2 Technical parameters:
The permissible maximum inlet pressure /P1max:20bar
Inlet pressure range /未 P1:0.2-20bar
Overpressure cutting set pressure Who:22.5~5000mbar
Low cut set pressure Whu:12.8~3500mbar
Inlet pressure range of /bpe: 0.2~20bar
Accuracy of 卤 8% /AC:
Closing pressure: /SG鈮 20%
The cutting accuracy of 卤 5% /AQ:
Response time: /ta鈮 1sec
The maximum flow rate ( NG ) /Qmax:300Nm3/h
Working temperature: -20 ~ +60 鈩
Weight: 21kg


LTD50 flow control table

LTD50 flow control table
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