LQ50/LQ70 series gas pressure regulator


2 Introduction:
LQ50/LQ70 series gas pressure regulatorThe LQ50/LQ70 series voltage regulator for direct action type two level balance regulator. Built-in filtering. Bleeding valve for overpressure protection device is cut off. Has the advantages of small size and easy installation. The stable pressure responsive and so.

2 Technical parameters:
The maximum inlet pressure /P1max:6bar
Inlet pressure range /未 P1:0.6-6bar
Outlet pressure range / standard未 P2:15 ~ 70mbar
High P2:70 未~ 300mbar
Accuracy of 卤 10% /AC:
Closing pressure: /SG鈮 20%
The cutting accuracy of 卤 5% /AQ:
Response time: /ta鈮 1sec
The maximum flow rate ( NG ) /Qmax:70Nm3/h
Working temperature: -20 ~ +60 鈩
Connecting dimensions: 3/4 " x 1 " ( 1/4 connection angle or horizontal )
Optional configurations: overpressure cut, super flux and voltage cut off, valve and other export link dimensions Weight: low voltage 2.0kg high voltage type 2.5kg;


LQ50/LQ70 flow control table

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