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Domestic explosion-proof solenoid valves - China gas plant network

 Our company specializing in all kinds of spark arrestor breather valve; It is used to prevent flammable gas, liquid flame spread, and to prevent the tempering explosion caused by safety devices. (12) 0755-25887166 small sail. Is usually served on delivery or flammable gas storage tanks and pipelines. Such as the torch, heating combustion system, oil gas recovery system or other flammable gas system.

This series product integrated introduction of company, such as Britain and Germany, advanced technology, with advanced processing equipment and perfect testing equipment, production of explosion-proof corrugated flame arrester, with compact structure, high reliability, fire core pieces of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, fire performance is strong, easy to clean and other advantages, particularly suited to hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, liquefied gas and other special media. Is suitable for the storage of flash point is lower than 60 ℃ oil chemical products, such as gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, toluene, etc.

Varieties: pipeline explosion-proof corrugated flame arrester, pipe cooling vent flame arrester gravel arrester, storage tanks and pipes

Wave flame arrester draw-out type flame arrester, storage tanks, tank explosion-proof fire ventilation hood, etc. Main technical parameters:

When ordering please indicate the medium flame arrester, model, specification, pressure, material, etc.

If necessary, welcome to ask for related information and products quotation:

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