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Supply and demand

LNG cryogenic pump - China gas plant network

 Division I operating PD3000 cryogenic pump (0755-25887166 huang qiao), France. The equipment is advanced technology, superior performance, safe and reliable; Widely used in liquefied natural gas, industrial gas cylinders with the cushion filling and filling.


Can transport medium: a liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, liquefied natural gas, liquid hydrogen, etc.

Drive types: grease crank shaft drive

Technical parameters:


Design pressure: bar / 6000 psi s temperature: 414-164 ℃ s flow: 4.4 GPM (1000 l/H)

biggest inlet pressure: 250 psig s largest export pressure: 460 psig (28 Mpa) s head NPSH: 2 psig s pump speed: 353 RPM s piston diameter 1.75 in Stroke s Stroke in 1.50

Quality: abide by the IGC 11/82 standard design.


PD3000 components with high performance, long service life, less maintenance, easy operation, etc.

all bearings are open, vertical storage for replacement;

replaceable crosshead wear ring/circle, eliminates the excessive and the trouble of frequent replacement of crosshead piston. Wear ring/circle can be quick and easy replacement.

automatic adjustment, charging springs, gasket, seal shaft are stored in a simple case, so that the cold replacement.

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