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Bulgaria hopes that nuclear energy and natural gas will become part of the EU's environmentally sust

 Bulgarian National Radio reported on December 2 that Ivanka taseva, Deputy Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the EU, called for the integration of nuclear energy and natural gas into EU environmental sustainable economic activities at the Committee on transport, telecommunications and energy held in Brussels. She said that the one size fits all approach violated the principle of technology neutrality. EU energy Commissioner cadry Simpson stressed that according to a preliminary report submitted by the EU energy regulatory agency cooperation agency on Thursday, the rise in natural gas prices did not have the same impact on all member countries: "those countries with less natural gas in the energy structure and better location of natural gas pipelines prove that the energy market is much more resistant to price increases". The report also said that the EU needs to increase fuel reserves and the number of pipelines. Simpson added that despite a decline from October, natural gas prices are still much higher than usual, which will continue until next spring.

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