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China's largest natural gas storage has more than 800 West Lake water injected

 According to a report from PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield on March 14, since the gas injection system was put into operation, Hutubi gas storage has injected more than 11.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas and exported more than 7.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas as of the beginning of March 2020.

The storage capacity of West Lake, a famous scenic spot in China, is calculated as 14 million cubic meters. Hutubi gas storage has injected more than 800 West Lake water and exported more than 550 West Lake water. Ljn China Urban Gas Association
Hutubi gas storage is the largest natural gas storage in China, with a gas storage capacity of 10 billion cubic meters. On June 9, 2013, the gas injection system was put into operation successfully. It is also the first gas storage in China's "west to East Gas Transmission" pipeline network, with multiple functions such as seasonal peak shaving and emergency reserve. Compared with the surface storage tank, Hutubi gas storage, as an underground gas storage, has the advantages of large storage capacity, large regulating gas volume, high safety and low cost.
The latest natural gas export cycle of Hutubi gas storage is from November 5, 2019 to February 11, 2020, with a total of 1.486 billion cubic meters of natural gas exported. In addition to supporting Urumqi, Changji and other northern cities in Xinjiang, Hutubi gas storage is also transported to cities along the west to east gas transmission line, such as Beijing and Shanghai, to meet the needs of enterprise production and people's life.
According to reports, the spring maintenance of Hutubi gas storage was completed on March 10, making full preparation for the gas injection period starting in April.
In 2019, Xinjiang Oilfield's natural gas will achieve high-quality and efficient construction and production, exceed the annual construction task of Hutubi gas storage adjustment project, and increase the gas production capacity by 3 million cubic meters / day, effectively ensuring the natural gas supply of Northern Xinjiang city and the second line of west east gas transmission.
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