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Promote the reform of the price mechanism in guangxi Gas prices will let go

 9, the autonomous region party committee, the government issued the implementation opinion about to push forward the reform of the price mechanism "(hereinafter referred to as the" implementation opinion "), and this year, in the competitive area and basic link price will let go, will be fully open by 2020. A feed-in tariff will gradually let go; Medical service prices will form classification management, dynamic adjustment, the formation of the multi-party participation mechanism; Transportation will be timely release price competitive industries, expanding the scope of the operator independent pricing; After a lot of people care about the price liberalisation of residential area of the specific charge and management policy will be introduced this year.


Energy is determined by the market price of natural gas price


Electricity and natural gas are citizens every day in the home use energy, according to "implementation opinion", guangxi orderly will let go of a feed-in tariff outside sales prices, and public welfare building is mainly decided by the market mechanism of energy prices. At the same time in accordance with the unified deployment of the country, will build the city terminal price of natural gas and air supply price linkage mechanism.


For electric vehicles travel after citizens also have benefits, 2020 years ago, guangxi will according to the principle of "tilt, preferential" electric car charger for electric service fee standard.


In addition, in early 2016, the national level has been let go of the residential district parking fee, and around the concrete policy has been not fall to the ground, the clear requirements of the opinion before the end of December this year around the parking fees management, perfecting the regional measures, to carry out the perfect is mainly decided by the market parking charge mechanism, implement differential parking fees, research on err on the side of opening residential district parking fees, concrete measures to standardize the behavior of price synchronization.


Medical prices gradually let go of the special medical services


Guangxi will also reform the medical and health services, gradually establish a classification management, dynamic adjustment, participating health service price formation mechanism. Public medical institutions of medical service prices will stand to the categorized management, gradually let go of public medical institutions to provide the special medical service price and other market competition more fully, stronger demand for personalized medical service price. For example, recently announced the first batch of the market price of medical service projects, including the counseling, cosmetic and so on more than 60.


Citizens don't have to worry about the burden will also increase, however, also puts forward the implementation opinions, pay medical insurance fund services by orgnaization of agency of health and medical institutions, reasonable standards to pay. Many people are worried about the hospital USES the high cost of large medical equipment, to this, also put forward the implementation opinion ", the future will be to lower the price of large medical equipment examination treatment and inspection, etc.


The train travel fares on quality


At present, bus ticket, ticket price adjusted by market has priced by the transport enterprises themselves, the train ticket price still is a government pricing, this situation will change in the future. According to "implementation opinion", later will be according to the national deployment of guangxi, gradually improve the railway passenger transport price, after the train ticket prices will be according to the speed, level and service quality high and low to determine prices.


At the same time, the road passenger transportation, civil aviation domestic passenger transportation, port operation, etc will be expanding the scope of the independent pricing. Within the city taxi rate, can be restored to perfect dynamic adjustment mechanism as well as the ocean freight of the taxi and fuel price linkage mechanism.




Other points related to the implementation opinions"


"Urban sewage treatment rate will be higher than the cost of wastewater treatment and sludge disposal;


Low for electrolytic aluminum, cement, Portland cement enterprises) outside of class industry ladder electricity price policy implementation;


Low on energy consumption than national and local regulations for energy consumption per unit product (power consumption) limit standard, implements the punitive tariffs;


Low propulsion non-residential water overruns the ultra quota progressive surcharges policies;


For more than service costs of administrative fees, reduce the collection standard;


"No legal basis for the administrative examination and approval of intermediary service items and charges shall be canceled;


Low it is forbidden to use administrative power monopoly, compulsory service, forced charges;


Low intermediary service institutions of administrative examination and approval to complete decoupling with examination and approval department, to break the monopoly, introducing competition mechanism, form the price through market competition.

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