RTZ-50 /0.4*Q Gas Regulator

璋冨帇绠-浜氬▉绯诲垪 璋冨帇绠-浜氬▉绯诲垪 璋冨帇绠-浜氬▉绯诲垪

2 Introduction:
The product supplys the gas for the housing district and industrial and commercial household. It can assemble different types of regulators. It can be used to nature gas, gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
2 Feature:
Balance valve inside, safety put to spread valve, overpressure relief cut-off valve by its own, hand reset, good safety

2 Technical parameters:
Entrance pressure鈥檚 range P1: 0.005-0.5Mpa
Exit pressure鈥檚 rangeP2: 1-30Kpa
Regulating precision 未P2: 卤5%
Closing pressure: 鈮1.1P2n
Maxium flow: 900Nm3/h
Connecting size: DN50


The RTZ-*/0.4A銆丄Q Direct-action Regulator


2 Function:
The RTZ-*/0.4A銆丄Q direct-action regulator is mainly fit to the use of residential air supply, direct combustion aircrew, gas fired boiler and large-sized boilers鈥 pressure-relief and pressure maintaining.
2 Features:
It has a great negotiability and accuracy precision. It would reply you quickly to work with solenoid pilot actuated valve. And the structure of it is very simple. Furthermore, it is convenient to protect and maintain on line.
2 Technical parameters:
Entrance pressure: 0.02-0.4 MPa
Exit pressure: 01鈥5KPa 5-30KPa
Regulating precision: AC 15
Closing pressure: SG 25
Working temperature: -20鈥60銈淐
Applied medium: NG, coal gas, LNG, gas and aggressive gas


RTJ-*/0.4FK Indirect Effected Gas Regulator


2 Function:
RTJ-*/0.4FK Indirect effected gas regulator is applied to regulating station in urban residential鈥檚 district. It is also applied to remain and control the pressure of boiler, industry kiln and burner which all have different requirements for the city gas pressure.
2 Feature:
It has a lot of advantages, such as small volume, large flow, stable property and accuracy and good safety. It is also combined with all kinds of valve and filter as the single channel, by-pass or twin-channel and by-pass surge tank
2 Technical parameters:
Entrance pressure鈥檚 range P1: 0.01锝0.4Mpa
Exit pressure鈥檚 range P2: 1锝50KPa
Regulating precision: AC15
Closing pressure: SG25

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