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Inner Mongolia international gas car and gas equipment exhibition (2013)

 Show the date:The 2013-08-08-2013-08-08


Exhibition city:Hohhot
Show the address:Hohhot east erhuanxi ruyi development zone
Name of the pavilion:Inner Mongolia international conference and exhibition center
The organizer:China's clean energy industry association, the professional committee of natural gas vehicle, clean energy vehicles, Hohhot gas association professional committee
To undertake units:Beijing long xing exhibition service co., LTD
Show show
International support
Russian natural gas automobile association
Pieces of Ukraine gas manufacturing association
 In pieces the asia-pacific association of natural gas vehicle
Support at home
Ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China
Mixer, China national petroleum corporation
Pieces of Inner Mongolia autonomous region people's government
The organizer
China's clean energy industry association
Professional committee of mixer of natural gas cars
Pieces of clean energy vehicles professional committee
Pieces of Hohhot gas association
To undertake units
Beijing long xing exhibition service co., LTD
As China's natural gas in west to east gas pipeline project is not period of expansion, alternative fuel oil, natural gas is characterized by low cost, high benefit and no pollution, the use of safe, convenient and rapid characteristics, widely penetrated into all areas of social production, life after decades of development and application technology has been mature.
At present, the number of gas stations expansion is expected in the next five years, the number will remain in relatively substantial growth. State planning, by 2020, the national stations to build about 12000 vehicles as well as natural gas (CNG refueling stations in 10000, LNG stations, 2000).
Implementation of the "twelfth five-year" period, popularization and application of liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Inner Mongolia will increase in large volume, transport of goods before plan frequently and dense traffic in the central and western regions along the highway construction of LNG filling station, and then to point with surface, gradually to the height at the eastern road, extending network radiation. To 2016, the complete Inner Mongolia highway service area construction of LNG filling station. The project is completed, will implement the modern transportation industry widespread alternative fuel vehicles, finally realizes the oil to gas generation.
As domestic natural gas vehicle gas station development best provinces, Inner Mongolia, will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity. Natural gas car and gas equipment fast development, the challenges and opportunities coexist, as open still wider to the outside world, strengthen exchanges and technical and economic cooperation, sharing the international natural gas car and gas equipment market development efforts, we will be held in Inner Mongolia natural gas car and gas equipment exhibition (2013) let us join hands to create brilliant!
Conference time and place
Move-in time: August 6-7, 2013, show time: August 8-10, 2013
International conference and exhibition center exhibition location: Inner Mongolia
Exhibition range
▼ : natural gas vehicle gas passenger car; Natural gas commercial vehicle; Natural gas vehicle; Gas and diesel dual fuel automobile; Cryogenic liquefied natural gas vehicle; A single gas natural gas vehicle; Coalbed methane (CBM) car; Natural gas vehicle, etc.;
▼ liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coalbed methane (CBM), diesel engine vehicles, vehicle equipment and related technology.
▼ natural gas vehicle, mobile gas car gas, natural gas vehicle detection vehicle, gas stations, car, etc.;
▼ gas auto parts: CNG and LPG gas engines and dual fuel or dual fuel engines, etc.;
▼ spare parts and special equipment: gas storage system: inflatable device, the air cylinder (gas cylinder production line and related equipment), high-pressure pipeline and the high-pressure connector, air pressure display device, manual stop valve, etc.; Natural gas vehicle electronic, gas supply system; Natural gas engine unit, filter, pressure regulator, natural gas mixer, low pressure air hose and water hose, etc.;
▼ fuel conversion systems: diesel vehicle converters, a single gas switch converter, fuel, gas steam stop valve and not a stop valve, etc.;
▼ related equipment: flow instrument, leak detector, detector instrumentation; Monitoring, security protection equipment, etc.;
▼ LPG station construction, LPG, LNG, CNG, LPG station complete sets of equipment and related accessories;
▼ LPG station equipment: compressor, dryer, and stood with gas storage device, recyclable cans, angry machine and its accessories, etc.;
▼ purification equipment: natural gas, coalbed methane, hydrogen gas, industrial gases, compressed air drying, molecular sieve dehydration unit, etc.;
▼ control components: skid enclosure, base, into the exhaust bellows, starter motor parts, high pressure gas and LPG valve, etc.;
▼ all sorts of new fuel automotive, environmental protection and its supporting facilities, and all other technology and equipment related to LPG stations.
Professional audiences invited:
Exhibition organizers will organize during natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical companies, gas companies, engineering companies, LPG stations, passenger transport company, construction company cab, bus companies, transportation, metallurgy, mining, logistic companies, government procurement agencies, automobile manufacturers, automobile refitting companies, scientific research institutions, intermediaries, pressure vessel, industrial gases industry at home and abroad to visit procurement;
Space charge standard
Indoor exhibition area: (3 * 3 m) $3600 in foreign joint venture domestic 9800 yuan 13800 yuan/booth/stand/booth
Light to roll over $360 / m2 foreign joint venture, 1400 yuan/m2 roll roll over domestic 1000 yuan/m2
Outdoor exhibition area: $320 / m2 foreign joint ventures in 1200 yuan/m2 domestic 800 yuan/m2
If exhibitors booth and double opening booth fee of 20% of the booth fee.
Standard booth: including exhibiting ground, 2.5 m high wall, lintel board, carpet of 9 square meters, one negotiation table, two chairs, 220 v power socket, two fluorescent lamps;
Light to expenses: including exhibiting ground, security and cleaning services. (per square meter, the management fees are not included)
Registration process:
Please fill in the exhibition project application form to report the organizing committee office (by fax or electronic documents), the application will be used as the basis for the booth arrangement and catalogue login.
Terms of payment:
Within three working days in after registration, the exhibitor will show fees remitted to the account specified by the organizing committee, the organizing committee to determine its participation qualifications. Has confirmed the booth according to the account position, such as booth is full, the full refund of payment.
Show's official website:
Contact way
Contact: zhang hao
Address: chaoyang district of Beijing Broadway street no. 1 international trade building, room 2919, a 29 layer
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