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In 2013 China international gas, heating technology and equipment exhibition

 Show the date:The 2013-11-13-2013-11-13

Exhibition city:jinan

Show the address:Shandong jinan XinYu south road no. 1

Name of the pavilion:Jinan international convention and exhibition center
The organizer:Housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China
To undertake units:Chinese city gas association, China association of urban heating
Show show
Sponsored by the Chinese city gas association international gas technology and equipment exhibition has been held since 1994 for 15 sessions, held every year since 2001 by gas association's example shows. From weak to mature in this 18 years, exhibition, exhibition area of 3500 m2 growth from 1994 to 2008, 2008 square meters, since 2008, have stayed at more than 10000 square meters exhibition area, is currently China's largest gas and heating industry comprehensive international professional exhibition. Meanwhile obtained the national ministry of construction departments and related leadership support, more to get the concern and support all enterprises, making the exhibition "GAS CHINA" brand in the industry enjoys a high reputation, also won the acceptance of foreign GAS industry colleagues. Here, we ever support for all, to concern, companies and individuals involved in exhibition express my heartfelt thanks!
With the further development of the reform of public utilities in our country, gas and heating is more and more inseparable, support the leadership of the housing and urban-rural development and many enterprises, under the requirements of Chinese city gas association and China association of urban heating, co-hosted the "2013 (16th) China international gas, heating technology and equipment exhibition". Here we issued a sincere invitation to all related enterprises, welcome you to participate in this exhibition, to promote the development of career of our country gas, heating, strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.
(1)、Organizer: housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China
To undertake units: Chinese city gas association, China association of urban heating
(2)、Exhibition location: jinan international convention and exhibition center (hereinafter referred to as "high new)
Address: shandong province jinan XinYu south road no. 1
(3)、Show time: November 13-15, 2013
(installation: on November 11, 12, exhibition: November 13-15 move-in: November 15)
(4)、The official website:
(5)、Exhibition range
Range of gas section shows:
1, the system of gas transmission and distribution technology and maintenance, management, technology, gas application technology.
2, the fuel gas control testing technology and equipment, automation control, alarm system, gas meter.
3, gas storage, gas purification and recovery technology.
4, new special gas pipeline and equipment, pipeline anticorrosion technology, gas valve.
5, gas boiler, gas heating (water) equipment, all kinds of gas appliances and spare parts, etc.
6, fuel gas heating technology and equipment, central air conditioning.
7, underground pipeline detection, detection equipment, leakage monitoring technology.
8, integrated information management system, software system in the domain of city gas, gas industry website, professional magazines.
9, other related to city gas technology and equipment.
Heating part of the display range:
1, heating, heating technology and equipment, fuel/electric boiler, wall hanging furnace, the burner; All kinds of heating radiator, heat exchanger; Floor heating pipe and processing/construction equipment.
2, heating system and form a complete set of automation equipment: / heat meter, temperature control valve temperature controller; Boiler and heating system/network automatic operation control equipment; The boiler energy conservation and emissions reduction technology and equipment; Pumps, valves, pipe fittings; Heat preservation and heat insulation materials; Heating equipment safety, instrument and meter, etc.
3, city heating field new technology and new product promotion and communication, heating, boiler and air conditioning heat pump field new technology, new products, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection technology; Website, newspaper, and patent analysis software display etc.
(6)The cost
Charging standard booths: domestic booth 10000 yuan/a (3 m x 3 m)
International booth/a $3500 (3 m x 3 m)
Domestic booth rent fees light: 1000 yuan/m2 (36 m2 of the)
International exhibition stands at $350 / m2 (36 m2 of the)
Standard exhibition stand consists of: the booth in domestic, three side board, carpet, lintel board bearing the company name in English in one (no color), lamp or fluorescent lamp of 100 w two simple table, chair, two, one 220 v / 5 a outlet, and a trash can.
Rent standard booth exhibitors, the exhibition should be carried out within the booth booth renovation, from a standard power socket, lighting facilities shall be made to increase or decrease home construction operation service.
Rents to space-unit does not include any display tools and facilities, the pavilion to charge fees, management fees, the power of tubing cleaning deposit by exhibitors and contractors on their own.
(7)Sign up to
1, exhibitors can be received the application form (generation) contract with stamp and fax to the organizing committee of the exhibition after fill in.
2, exhibitors can log on to the exhibition's official website, through online registration submitted directly to the exhibition organizing committee (exhibitors do not need to participation contract can be used this way), if the exhibitors need participation contract on the web site to download the application form, please fill in the coma (fax) to the exhibition dedicated email mailbox.
In order to guarantee the quality of the exhibition catalogue and exhibitors of publicity, require exhibitors use "online application" or "email" the way to the application form, company profile, submitted to the organizing committee of the exhibition.
3, in order to strengthen the contact and communication with exhibitors exhibition organizing committee, the exhibition organizing committee set up QQ group in particular, that receives, timely answer the exhibitors exhibitors data concerns, welcome to join.
QQ group (burning association exhibition) :294987751 
Contact person and telephone:
Domestic businesses and exhibitors: NieSong (010)66206773, 13601033371
E - mail:
International businesses and exhibitors: Feng Ying (010)63913526, 13901021291
E - mail:
I (010) 66206773
(8)Participation confirmation
The exhibition area of 14200 m2, according to the first application, first payment, first choose, make sure the principle of flaunt. All show in Beijing in 2012 had the booth reservation, organizing committee will guarantee give priority in the booth, location will be carried out in accordance with the principle above arrangement, please reserve the booth of enterprise registration, payment and choose the booth location at the first time. Choose the booth after signing up, please in the May 31, 2013 in full payment, send the payment document to us by fax or email to the organizing committee of the exhibition, or choose the booth reservation is invalid, the booth is not retained, to reschedule.
On May 31, 2013 to sign up and pay the entire cost of the booth of enterprises can enjoy preferential price; 10% of the On May 31, 2013 after registration participation enterprise, do not enjoy any preferential price. Exhibition organizing committee will not accept the exhibitors booth reservation gold, all the cost should be pay at a time.
Exhibition organizing committee received the application form and all the booth fee, namely a "exhibitor manual" for enterprises and ensure to provide quality services
The exhibition exhibition registration deadline is August 31, 2013, if in the exhibition market registration deadline completely filled, the exhibition of ostentatious work come to an end, the organizing committee will be at the show site for tips.
Show's official website will be on March 1, 2013 opening, the booth chart in the website, and according to the situation of the booth selection update and publish the latest development of the exhibition, and participated in the required information can be in web site, download and support online application, please attention
The exhibition account:
Account name: Chinese city gas association
Bank: industrial and commercial bank of Beijing millions of zhuang branches
Account number: 020 0001 4090 2490 1095
(9)Technical communication lecture
To tie in with the exhibitors more comprehensive exhibition, exhibition of new products, new technology, new material, new process, during the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the exhibitors in the exhibition hall conference room at home and abroad hold many lectures about technical communication, content set by the enterprise, each audience 50 to 60 people, invited by enterprises themselves, exhibition organizing committee help organize, promote, and please on August 31, 2013 will be lecture topic, main content and the speaker position to the organizer.
Technology forum held eight in total, each exhibitor can only hold a newspaper full so far, each 90 - minute lecture, cost 3000 yuan/field (international exhibitors cost 6000 yuan/field), including basic acoustics, podium, chair, curtain, excluding a projector and computer.
(10)Space-unit energy conservation and environmental protection
Publicity, to vigorously promote create low carbon, green, energy-saving, environmental protection, brand exhibition concept, promotes the use of energy saving, environmental protection, reusable renewable materials for booth decoration, decoration. The museum polyster fabric as decoration, decoration materials is strictly prohibited; Not recommended use woodiness material to decorate; Is strictly forbidden in the museum for spray paint, paint, polishing, etc excitant odour, large dust is produced. Violating the environmental regulations for construction of exhibition enterprises will be warned and the booth fee in future exhibition cannot enjoy the discount, it set up special decoration contractor blacklisted by exhibition organizing committee, banned for the following services. Please let us know your service for enterprises to build business strictly comply with all environmental regulations of the exhibition, the specific content see "exhibitor manual", environmental regulations for construction of the exhibition in the exhibition site. 2012 expo exhibition organizing committee for the selection of low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection outstanding booth (three exhibitors), in thisExhibition will enjoy the cost 20% discount and give priority to choose the booth location, see detailed list "exhibitor manual" and the related contents in the website.
(11)Exhibitor's manual
"Exhibitor manual" as an important guidance document exhibition, exhibitors must after received, please carefully read, according to the manual requirement make preparations for the participation within the prescribed period of time, avoid unnecessary losses; Booth special decoration enterprise has the responsibility to transfer the "exhibitor manual" received or inform the selected decorate a company to run to home service for (also may be required to check the log in the website (), and to strictly abide by and implementation; The all content of the manual is available in exhibition site query.
Contact way
Contacts: NieSong
Address: Beijing xizhimen south street, xicheng district 22
Mobile phone:13601033371

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