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Second kunming international gas technology and equipment exhibition (2013)

 Show the date:The 2013-08-22-2013-08-22

Exhibition city:kunming

Show the address:Kunming international convention and exhibition center

Name of the pavilion:Kunming international convention and exhibition center

The organizer:City gas association of yunnan province, yunnan province municipal engineering association

To undertake units:Yunnan province kunming city gas association vane exhibition co., LTD

Show show:

Held: 2013 urban fuel gas enterprise business licenses work in yunnan province

Support unit: housing and construction department of yunnan province energy bureau in yunnan province

Organizer: municipal engineering association of yunnan province. City gas association of yunnan province
Organizer: yunnan province kunming city gas association vane exhibition co., LTD
Support unit: qujing city gas association gas group holdings co., LTD., kunming, yunnan petrochina kunlun gas co., LTD.,
Gas measurement test in yunnan province, kunming municipal engineering design institute of scientific research
According to the "twelfth five-year" gas development and utilization planning of yunnan province and yunnan province will be built energy channels of gas pipelines and liquefied petroleum gas production supply base, by the end of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" will become the southwest of yunnan province, as well as southeast Asia, South Asia oriented "bridgehead" gas energy, to promote the greater Mekong sub-regional development of low carbon economy and ecological civilization.
Fort "cauldron" strategic facilities in yunnan province, yunnan gas energy welcomed unprecedented development opportunity. With a total investment of 350 million yuan in yunnan province, the first urban natural gas high-pressure pipeline northwest sanhuan pipe network engineering, a phase of the pipeline total length of 88.4 kilometers, the annual capacity of 518.31 million cubic meters per year, planning and finished in 2014. In addition, the china-myanmar oil and gas pipelines (domestic) engineering, oil gas in yunnan province in the big input force gas industry development in yunnan.
The previous review and promote the organization
2012 the first gas "exhibition in kunming on August 31, 2012, in concluding in kunming. There are including zhejiang days letter, west of chongqing, henan heavens, guangzhou tome, foshan certificate, chengdu pang to HuaTa chuangsheng, kunming, ningbo, zhuhai PengXiang ChuangAn, sichuan, chongqing, chengdu day force than profit starr, shijiazhuang, guangzhou dison, tianjin, chongqing avant-garde crum, Shanghai high school pressure ITO, sichuan, chengdu, kunming add Jason future warfarin can beauty, kunming Li Qingrong appliances, and many other well-known enterprises, 2012 in yunnan province urban fuel gas supply business license work can be successfully convened at the same time, delegates and representatives from the southwest across the user units to inspect this exhibition, the exhibition by the central provinces and the mainstream media reported positive.
2013 kunming gas exhibition will improve the first, large-scale professional audience database, which is the organization including energy, municipal, pipe network, engineering, environmental protection, scientific research, design, property development, the gas company system for gas unit to communicate, and combined with city gas association of yunnan province issued their notification, actively carry out gas technical seminar and exhibition effect.
2013 kunming gas exhibition will also be in China gas plant network, gas and heat, burning net, net of information of gas well, China gas, combustion information, measuring instrument information network, the international gas market, etc.; Also through the yunnan daily newspaper, the spring city evening news and city parent and so on dozens of times, life related web sites and local comprehensive media information release to the foreign manufacturers and users show conference on media, such as news or advertising, length of more than one thousand, fully expand influence, enhance the exhibition.
Exhibition schedule
On August 20, 2013 special assembly on August 21, 2013, the exhibition opened on August 22, 2013
22-24 August 2013 extension (Thursday - Saturday) on August 24, 2013 PM move-in
Exhibition range
System of gas transmission and distribution technology and maintenance, and management technology, gas application technology;
Fuel gas control testing technology and equipment, automation control, alarm system, gas table;
Natural gas storage technology, gas purification and recovery technology;
New special gas pipeline and equipment, gas valves, anti-corrosion pipeline technology;
Gas boilers, gas heating (water) equipment, all kinds of gas appliances and spare parts, etc
Natural gas heating technology and equipment, central air conditioning;
Underground pipeline detection, detection and leakage monitoring technology and equipment;
Integrated information management system, software system in the domain of city gas, gas industry website, professional magazines;
Other technology and equipment related to city gas.
The cost
1.International standard booths 3 * 3 = 9 ㎡ fee RMB 6800 yuan/booth. Room nate ii. 36 ㎡ (of the) : RMB 800 yuan / ㎡. (note: the standard booth structures configuration includes three sides coaming, lintel board bearing the company name, consulting two table, two chairs, lamps and one 220 v / 5 a power outlet, you need special electricity please instructions in advance and additional fees. Space-unit does not provide any display tools and facilities, the pavilion of charging management fees, utilities will be borne by the exhibitors themselves.)
2.Technique lecture: RMB 5000 yuan/field (a) every 45 minutes.
3.Participation fee: RMB 500 yuan per person (including exhibition, drinks, lunch and gift items, etc.).
■ Catalogue and outdoor advertisement
Catalogue - by sent to visit the exhibition strong professional audience database and failed to visit exhibition professionals around the hand, is the guarantee of fair has late effects. (journal of specifications for 140 ㎜ x 210 ㎜, advertisement cost will be pay in advance, reason cannot enterprises, can be directly choose catalogue and outdoor advertising.)
Free advertisement position: description - 500 words, cover, inside front cover, back cover - 15000 - RMB - 20000 yuan - 12000 yuan - 10000 yuan, the title page, 24:246-10000 yuan, black &white, color inside pages - 5000 - RMB - 3000 yuan, the whole text - 1000 yuan,
Invitation to other advertising: 20000 yuan / 30000; Visiting card 15000 yuan/sole; The 25000 yuan/edition of the show preview; 6000 yuan/a arch; Flags of 150 yuan/surface; Steam floating (12 m x 0.75 m) 3000 yuan/set; Wall painting (high 12 m x 3 m wide) 9000 yuan/picture; RMB 8000 / single outdoor 2 face body; Truss spraying advertising (wide and 6 m x 4 m) high 6000 yuan/picture. The information is detailed
■ Participation procedures
1、Procedures: please fill in the booth agreement together with the business license copy of fax or express to the organizing committee, and shall remit payment within ten days to the account specified by organizing committee, and the bank receipt of payment form by fax to the organizing committee, in order to confirm participation qualifications.
2、Booth arrangement: the organizing committee will be based on "first sign up, first pay, first arranged" principle. In order to guarantee the whole image of the exhibition, the organizing committee reserves the right to adjust to a small booth.
3、Meeting arrangement: 30 days before the meeting is about to "exhibition manual" (about the schedule, exhibits transportation, hotel reception, booth, etc) send to all exhibitors.
4、After signing up, please put the pictures of the company logo, the main products 1, enterprise introduction (500 characters) to send email to, will be used to organize professional audiences.
Kunming international gas technology equipment exhibition organization office (2013)
Contact way
Contacts: Xu Jiao
Address: new road in kunming, lingyun aviation village apartment, room 706, unit 1
Mobile phone:18213980454





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