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Report forecasts: this year the average price of crude oil or to $60

 Brent, 2017 WTI price decrease obviously, the two cities international crude oil price volatility, a slight rise. Estimated Brent, WTI average price was $60 a barrel and $62 a barrel, the price fluctuation range is $55-65 dollars a barrel. This is on January 8, 2017 annual "energy economy forecast and prospect research conference" in the information revealed.


"The global economy stabilises picks up in 2017, the United States and other developed economies, the recovery, especially in emerging countries pull function demand for oil continues to, global oil demand is expected to appear more than expected growth. But look from the supply side, OPEC countries headed by Russia and non-opec production agreement countries can implement smoothly, become the key factors influencing the world oil supply, if the production is successful, global oil supply growth in 2017 will be significantly reduced. In addition, considering the influence of other OECD countries, the global crude oil inventories will appear better progressly situation." "2017 international crude oil price analysis and trend prediction" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") author, professor of Beijing institute of technology, Lv Xin said.


China petroleum exploration and development research institute, director of the institute of oil and gas development strategy planning Chang Yuwen also believes that the first big factors affecting oil prices is OPEC's efforts in the implementation of the agreement. Historically, relevant agreements are enforced at around 60%. The current situation, are enforced is expected to 80%, but has not ruled out less.


Also worth noting that the non-oil fundamentals factors. The report predicted that 2017 dollars to fall after rise, to a certain extent on oil prices. However, due to the improvement of oil spot market fundamentals, the oil futures market sentiment is relaxed, the oil price is bullish expectations than bearish expectations, the futures market investment relatively optimistic mood. But oil geopolitical risk is still strong, greatly enhance the crude oil supply and demand uncertainty, also increase the possibility of a sharp fluctuations in international oil prices.

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