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Gas safety use common sense

 A, why can't equipped with gas equipment room as a bedroom and lounge?

Equipped with gas meter, kitchen burning gas and gas pipe gas equipment, facilities, room or kitchen can't as bedroom and lounge, because if the gas meter, kitchen burning gas and the gas pipe damage leakage, imperceptible, are more likely to cause explosion, fire and other dangers.

Second, the neglected when using gas why have dangerous?????

When using gas, don't leave, should keep an eye on the combustion situation, adjust the flame. Because soup to boiling overflow, likely to douse the flames, or use a small fire, the fire is the wind blow out, gas continue to pop up, causing explosions, fires and other accidents.

Three, stopping when how to do safety inspection?

, before bed or as a stop using the gas should be kitchen burning gas switch to check again, whether all closed, to be composed of gas valves are closed.

Four, found a flat?

Such as found in indoor gas odor, immediately opened the doors and Windows, and check whether the kitchen burning gas switch is closed, such as closed, may be gas pipe or gas meter place such as leakage, gas meter will be immediately before the total valve shall be closed, then to call the gas company to check the outdoor. Gas users go home without the person, should close the gas meter before the master switch, to ensure safety.

Fifth, found that should be paid attention to the safety of leak prohibitions?

In case of gas pipe leakage, the users themselves can't cut off gas source, immediately notify the gas company. Before the maintenance staff has not yet arrived, users do not stay indoors, and strictly prohibit various fire inside, also do not open or close the light, to avoid poisoning, explosion and other accidents.

6, how to identify gas leak?

Gas is a kind of invisible colorless gas, is invisible to the naked eye. However, the user use the gas have been artificial olfactory, it is a special kind of bad smell, easy to smell. If smell this kind of bad smell, that is, we should pay attention to whether gas leakage. When looking for a flat available soap daub gas meter, stove, and joints, where the blister, is a gas leakage, but check cannot use open flame.

Seven, gas meter near the oven stack things what harm is there?

In gas meter, kitchen burning gas, water heater, gas facilities do not pile up around the waste paper, plastic products, dry wood, gasoline, bamboo basket items such as burn, and other sundry, prevent light gas, burning match stick to throw into the causes of fire accidents and prevent maintenance work.

Eight, how to adjust the flame?

When using or kettle pot cooking food, according to the size of the bottom of the pot area and the need of fire size, at any time adjust the flame, flame don't beyond the bottom of the pot, pot bottom area. Electronic oven should be adjustable wind piece between the burner and the oven body, blue light strong prevail with flames of fire. Big to avoid fire, waste gas source, fire small intake enough form a "bubble" tempering.

Nine, burn is a waste gas is empty?

Use gas to do with better shut up, want to use again, don't let the empty gas burn, also don't waste gas to be frightened by this trouble.

Ten, the flame in the wind?

Flame in the wind will fall to one side or wavering, heat diffusion, and affect the combustion. Best according to the size of the focal eye made a wind ring, tin or use old basin, will remove a pot cover on the outside of the pan feet, this can prevent wind trumpeter extinguishing the flame, the flame combustion, and can make full use of, save gas.

11, how to use the kitchen burning gas switch?

Open air switch, push the with the hand, 90 ° anticlockwise, hear "beep da", should be burner flame burning with (if you don't listen to return should repeat) can let go of my hand, and cut 90 ° for minimum flame burner fire right now, and adjustable up to section off air.

Twelve, function and using method of gas meter switch

Gas switch table is the maintenance when the kitchen is provided in the door, should be open in the morning the evening shut, often used in order to avoid rust, prevent accident hard work. Method of use for the switch handle with gas GuanPing row to open the gas, switch handle cross perpendicular to shut gas and gas pipe.

13, kitchen burning gas, maintenance

1. Remove stains on the surface of the kitchen burning gas, should often clean to prevent rust.

2. The burner will easily be rice juice dust plug, can often use wire or an old toothbrush.

3. The air inlet of the burner may sometimes be all sorts of sundry plug, desirable down with thick wire bucket tong qing. General repair of kitchen burning gas

4. How to take "burner" : open pan feet, then the burner slightly raised to remove.

5. How to deal with "tight" switch: desirable under the focal panel, with a panel or small hammer gently knock on the top of the switch, and a dash of lubrication can loose.

14 when, indoor decoration of gas pipeline processing

1. Indoor decoration encountered when gas pipeline, shall apply for agree to move the rear can change.

2. Gas pipeline is easy to corrosion, easy to leak pipe fittings, existing many users when decorating, buried pipeline wall (ground), is not easy to check, caused great harm to the normal maintenance. Therefore requires a user when adornment will be exposed to indoor gas management, in order to deal with the corrosion leakage in time, ensure safety in spirit.

15 and other considerations

1, often should education children don't play with kitchen burning gas valve, hose and other fuel gas facilities, in order to avoid the bad valve or forget to turn off surface caused by gas leakage accident. To education children don't play hanging from the leakage of gas pipe, so as not to loose coupling and leakage.

2, it is forbidden to use empty burning gas to bake clothes, sheets, baby diapers, etc., so as to avoid clothing was baking fire.

3, kitchen burning gas, water heater and other fuel-consuming appliances are not allowed to be used in indoor door window is shut, also cannot be used in the environment of the air does not flow.

4, in the gas pipe and gas meter on fuel gas facilities, shall not hang hanging items, shall not take the rope pull, lest cause leaking pipe joint loose. Must draw special attention is that: do not allow the gas pipeline as earth wire of electrical equipment, ban on gas pipe welding, lest cause an accident.

5, after the completion of the installation on fuel gas facilities, through formal acceptance, by gas company should be responsible for the ignition, ignition is not allowed while visiting the trial.

6, the user shall not be extended without gas hose. Families in the hose should not be more than 2 meters, on both ends of the hose pipe clamp lock. Users shall not add or longer, because the hose growth, will increase the damage and the possibility of leakage. For gas hose aging, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

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