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Russia's President, gas: the company has built 445 km "Siberian power" gas pipeline

 Russia President miller said the company has built 445 km "Siberian power" gas pipeline.


Russia, "he said at the conference this year has continued to implement smoothly the eastern gas plan, and implement the largest projects' Siberia 'strength. Has built 445 km gas pipeline at present."


Miller also pointed out that the eastern gas plan within the framework and a very important project, to a great extent "Siberian power" of the entire project period, the construction is produced 42 billion cubic meters of amur natural gas treatment plant.


In May 2014, the Russian gas and oil of east gas supply contract signed for a period of 30 years, the "power" Siberia pipeline transportation of natural gas in China, the maximum throughput will reach 38 billion cubic meters.

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