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Eni to natural gas project investment to mozambique

 According to the ministry of commerce web site Agency reported on November 22, Italy's eni oil company President crow's ou DE Carl has recently met with mozambican prime minister carlos argonaut, Manuel rosario. After the meeting, the German Carl hereby announced that the company's first investment of about $10 billion, will be used in northern mozambique del Angle of gardulla the province offshore the rovuma basin the first phase of the natural gas project of 4 blocks.


In exploration stage, according to published eni, 4 blocks of partnership enterprises have invested $2.8 billion, also need to invest $8 billion to build six mouth undersea gas well, and connected to the floating liquefied natural gas processing facilities. According to the parties to the equity ratio calculation, mozambique oil companies need to invest $800000 for the first phase of the project.


Eni believes that the project will create 820 jobs, 90% of the jobs belong to mozambique locals. Floating liquefied natural gas processing facilities, after the production of the project is expected to annual production of 3.3 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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