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China Gas Information

Oil and gas trading center in Shanghai 26 will be officially running

 The reporter learns from oil and natural gas trading center in Shanghai, the centre will be held on November 26, formal run conference and China's reform and development of oil and gas peak BBS.


At the appointed time, xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission, the Shanghai government leadership head, large energy companies will attend. The reporter also learned that trading center will also be published on the day of the natural gas and fuel prices index, the index is expected to become the industry enterprise pricing.


Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center in staging, on July 1, 2015. Trading center shareholder of xinhua news agency, petrochina, sinopec, cnooc, shen can, north combustion, the new President, burning, the port of China, huaneng ten units, registered capital of 1 billion yuan, type is a limited liability company (domestic joint venture).


For more than a year, trading center actively promote natural gas market trading, trading volume has reached 30 billion cubic meters, the incipient industry influence, has developed a formal operating conditions.

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