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National top think-tank a: science and technology revolution and energy in the future

 Not long ago, in the high-end think-tank pilot unit - China national petroleum economic and technology research institute (ETRI), the week of science and technology, the hospital released its latest research results of "2016 domestic and foreign petroleum science and technology development and outlook", and held the "2016 China petroleum enterprise technology innovation management international seminar" and "lower oil refining business and technology development strategy of high-end conference" and other activities.


The "petroleum science and technology development and outlook" in oil and gas technology into the digital and intelligent new era as the theme, more profile to predict how the technology will affect the future of the oil and gas industry. Conference, its oil technology research group focuses on the key technology of influence to future oil and gas industry on the comb, content involves: "quality, and the efficiency of intelligent technology for the oilfield development, gathering, for an eternal topic of oilfield development, improve the recovery in the oil and gas industry has the application prospect of big data technologies, as well as the impact on the oil and gas industry development of energy storage technology, and new energy vehicles, etc.


Chinese oil group, assistant general manager wang said at the news conference, every time span in the history of the oil industry, almost all benefit from the technology revolution. Especially some disruptive technology, often is in dealing with the challenges in the process of hatched. Because of this, big international oil companies are the innovation of science and technology as foundation, the investment in science and technology as the company's strategic investment, rely on innovation to foster the core competitive ability, the occupation of the commanding heights in the future. "The Chinese oil group, implement the strategy of innovation, clearly put forward in 2020 the company stay state front, the industry advanced technology strength, build international famous innovative companies, to efforts to build a world-class innovative companies in 2030. This conference, to show us a picture of the world's oil technology development highlights."


, according to China's oil economy technology dean jian-qing li biennial conference "oil technology development at home and abroad and prospect", is the hospital early release "the oil and gas industry both at home and abroad development report", after years issued the "world energy outlook" with China, and an important soft science research results published. "Oil and gas development and innovation of science and technology management is a traditional field of study, by the institute of scientific research team to actively participate in national and group co., LTD. A number of major projects of science and technology research, in the technical and economic analysis, both at home and abroad for standard, technical forecast, innovation management, intellectual property and technology policy research accomplished."


Tank, vice President of the hospital, told reporters that the research achievements of this release is based on the institute over the past two years of oil analysis in the research of the development of the science and technology at home and abroad, especially in key state science and technology projects and Chinese oil group "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" science and technology development and technology exchange and research at home and abroad and so on. "The more difficult conditions, the more want more attention and rely on technological innovation, keep up with the pace of science and technology revolution, accurately grasp the future direction, by revolution, beyond the spirit, to win competitive advantage and development space."


During the conference, the institute believes that over the next 20 to 30 years, although the rapid development of new energy technology can bring some influence to the oil and gas industry and the challenge, will not change the leading position of fossil energy in the energy consumption, oil and gas resources is still the main body of energy consumption. Intelligent technology, the application of high and new technology in oil and gas industry will push global oil and gas exploration, development and utilization of resources to speed up to clean development in new stage.



Intelligent is the trend of world science and technology development, is also the trend of the future development of oil and gas industry. Intelligent will become the world's oil and gas industry continues to mention quality, and the authors and the only way for the effective ways to increase. At present, the world's oil and gas industry generally intelligent level in an exploring the start stage, the future research direction and focus is iof, intelligent refinery, smart and intelligent drilling pipes. Under the impetus of the high and new technology, the world's oil and gas industry automation, informationization, intellectualized level will continue to improve, predicts 2030, the world's oil and gas industry will be fully into the era of intelligence.


To improve oil recovery technology is the eternal theme of the development, technical development potential is tremendous, will also contribute more and more oil and gas production in the future. To improve oil recovery technology will continue to break the technical line, further expansion of application fields, through integration, innovation, and constantly create new fusion to improve oil recovery mode; To improve oil recovery technology of displacement fluid will be more intelligent, low consumption, environmental protection.


The expert points out, big data applications is an information-based development inevitably, the depth of IT and business integration, is to deepen, promote application level, strengthen the management of effective technical means. Difficulty of exploration and development of petroleum and petrochemical industry chain is growing, informatization maturity has become the primary factors influencing the industry growth rate. "We should see, the world big data applications in the oil and gas industry is still in its infancy, with the deepening of informationization and the depth of the quantitative fusion, big data application prospect in petroleum and petrochemical industry will be more and more wide." For the development of new energy industry. They believe that in the renewable energy industry, the electric car industry and the smart grid industry rapid development, driven by energy storage industry is expected to show explosive growth momentum. The next five to 10 years, renewable energy electricity storage costs will be greatly reduced, energy storage capacity and technology costs will enter a virtuous cycle development new stage. In the next decade the electric car battery technology are expected to have breakthrough, so as to effectively promote the automobile industry change.

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