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Investment of one hundred million yuan xian to ensure that residents heating gas increased by 100 mi

 City, at the end of cold weather, the use of natural gas will rise sharply, in the face of such situation, gas companies how to effectively ensure the safety of the winter heating period, normal supply? Yesterday, the reporter understands from xi 'an Qin Hua gas co., LTD., they spent 254 million yuan this year, used for gas peak shaving station capacity, building new terminal, the old pipe network transformation, regional breakpoint connection, equipment overhaul technological upgrading, and so on, of which 100 million yuan for residents heating pipe network promotion transformation, the preparatory work for the current heating has been fully ready.

Gas this year than last year increased by 100 million cubic

Qin Hua relevant person in charge of gas company, said that so far, xi 'an natural gas residential users has reached 2.18 million units, industrial and commercial users reached 9600. This year the city's annual gas gas is expected to reach 1.65 billion cubic meters, than last year, the new gas 100 million cubic meters; , the largest gas demand is expected to reach 13 million cubic meters (from a maximum throughput of 11.06 million cubic meters. Four months every winter heating period gas consumption accounted for more than 65% of the users in the city gas throughout the year, the average daily gas use is common period of 5 to 6 times. Aiming at the status quo, they take many measures to lift the peak period of heating gas safe, orderly and steady supply, and through various channels to civil gas safety knowledge popularization, and strengthen the consciousness of the safety of the public to save gas, gas, make the city gas users a warm winter, a winter safely.

Invest 100 million yuan to ensure that residents heating for the winter

The chief says, in order to ensure the 2016 winter heating season citizens can safely normal gas, they took out 100 million yuan this year for operations in the high pressure expansion, new old pipe network transformation capacity, regional road breakpoint connection, the fuel gas facilities equipment overhaul was provided. Successively built the shedding road, grass land two high pressure of the city; Expansion transformed zhangs eight-way, flower north road, FengCheng ten road, guanyin temple and reserve factory five high pressure of the city, make a volume increased by 100000 cubic meters per hour, a day raised more than 200 cubic meters of volume, in order to meet the 2016 daily average of 1 million cubic meters of gas demand. For science and technology, all the way too b road, north stone bridge, FengCheng ten road, meteorological lane, especially ih Hong Kong people in medium voltage optimization reconstruction in the bottleneck, to enhance the capacity of the road network distribution of gas supply. To delay smelting, tower temple, west road, xinwen lane labor institution, south road, west of copper road, small village west road, road section contains light path and other four areas the breakpoint connection, balanced the regional road gas supply pressure, enhance the gas supply reliability.

Rosefinch road dajie around no longer "shortness of breath

In order to alleviate and improve urban residents gas tight at peak winter heating season, increase the ability of city pipe network pipeline gas, Qin Hua gas company since June 21 to rosefinch road, dajie and the surrounding pressure the city gas pipeline network has carried on the promotion transformation, this line is 11 km long, diameter of 60 cm, the pipeline successively through three subway station, where the ground fissures, 25 bustling crossroads. Tube located in all kinds of underground pipe network, the construction space is narrow, the ground traffic nearly saturated, construction difficulty is great, engineering currently has entered the stage of full marks.

The expansion of wall-mounted boiler communities after heating

The relevant person in charge of the company, said previously not establish wall-mounted boiler village, after residential property for gas supply capacity after modification, the owners can normal use wall-mounted boiler heating, there are nine completed the expansion of the wall-mounted boiler communities, reach 2500 users. For community need to gas supply capacity, they will be exempted from labor, charge material cost, transferred technology personnel work overtime to construction, to ensure that the citizens to normal after the winter to keep warm.

Heating thermostat, please at 16 ℃ - 18 ℃

Special remind, head of the company the general gas users, the winter season is gas safety accident, must keep the doors and Windows when using gas ventilation, personal care, be sure to shut down after using gas oven before valve, cooker valve. Such as gas stoves flameout due to low pressure, leakage, such as abnormal situation, please quickly close the valve before table, and dial the service hotline 96777 repair service. Winter heating gas, advocate citizens to save gas, especially gas boiler heating and direct-fired machine users should control the heating temperature in 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, and according to the weather conditions at any time, reduce the energy consumption of heating.

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