About us


As the CNG industry rapidly developing, we have also expanded our supply chain and launched our manufacturing center for CNG equipment in Longgang Industrial Park, Shenzhen. We are fully equipped with advanced processing sets and welding apparatus, the recipe to make sure us keep the high standards including: The ahead of curve pressure regulating monitoring system, the advanced pipeline welding flaw detection system, technical support, professional maintannce team, and the strict ISO9001 QC system.

For years we have established numerous CNG plants and proven to be efficient and effective in many installations. These achievements lead us to become the most advanced, innovative and user-friendly CNG providers within the industry.

In order to cooperate with the rapid development of China's natural gas industry, yaweihua has built a gas equipment manufacturing center in Shenzhen Longgang Industrial Park. The factory is equipped with advanced machining equipment and welding equipment, and has developed a set of domestic advanced gas pressure regulating equipment testing system and weld flaw detection system, It has laid a good foundation for the production of high-quality gas transmission and distribution equipment.

1、Construction of a set of our factory has domestic advanced level of gas pressure regulating equipment testing lines

2、Factory configuration a set of high level of pipeline weld flaw detection system

3、The company has a senior welder, senior engineer and quality engineer of talent team

4、The company has a set of strict ISO9001 international quality management system